The design ensures a stable friction coefficient and the safest braking performance in all temperatures, at all speeds and under
all conditions. The friction material is the most important part of a brake pad.
JS’s brake pads contain the optimum mix of raw materials calls NAO (Non Asbestos Organic).

Lined Brake shoes are manufactured using approved friction materials for excellent braking performance.
These are designed to provide frictional compatibility with the front brake pads and to avoid potential hazards such as rear wheel
lock up. Using standard steel shoes, JS produces line brake shoes with an integrated technology to measure adhesion between the
lining and the steel shoe being processed.

With a thorough understanding of the needs of fleet drivers and opertators, JS manufactures long life brake linings that consider
safety above everything else. JS premier brake linings are carefully engineered for the needs of commercial vehicles.
They are safe and highly effective brake parts, which help reduce maintenance and downtime.